The sun is the shadow of God” Michel Angelo

“During the five years of traveling from Paris to Peking, from Jartum to London and from Menorca to Greece……I’ve been chasing after the shadows”.


In order to capture a shadow you need to be alert, concentrated, patient, like a hunter of unique moments.  To a casual observer, it may seem rather senseless to photograph shadows.  Their invisible qualities respond to furtiveness, their capacity to slip away, reappear, shrink, stretch out, before mocking you and disappearing. Sometimes a net can capture something, but has the shadow ever been really caught?

There is also a haiku poetry in the shadow….

This proof of its existence, is negative  and at the same time positive.

Wearing no mask or disguise, the shadow is sincere, showing better than anyone the reality of things, that which escapes to the chains of appearance, a representation where more than one reality can be interpreted.

But in the present day, what interests us in the shadow?

I mean to say that through what is ephemeral, without end, intangible is like  the example of the photo, which is also a shadow before it become an imprint.  It’s precarious, a shape without form and open to all possibilities.  Poor and weightless, without definition, almost insubstantial, it disappers with too much day or too much night…. This is how I can begin to reach the essence of art, which is everything and nothing.  A game of illusion which persues a reality above and beyond that which we are offered.


Christine Talabard