These night scenes caught in the uncertain light of the moon are the fruit of months of prudent patience. The moon waxes and wanes, disappears, symbolizing the journey through life to death. This duality plunges us into the domain of mystery, of sub-consciousness, the impulsive nocturnal instincts which lie dormant in us, the Eternal Feminine.  This analogy of femininity and the moon in most civilizations is evoked by many symbols: growth, biological rhythms, fertility, eternal cycle, dream…. light, fluid, ephemeral, this light of the night which seems so weak, offers a different image, gentle yet violent at the same time. An insolent cloud, eclipses the fragile light, a shady sky breaks the photo shooting, having to wait for the new moon, and calm my patience, impatience, patient impatience… Achieving photos with this dim light requires a very special concentration, a fusion with the environment, aligning with the elements. Neither daylight nor moonlight, it’s halfway to a clairvoyance for the visually impaired such as we are, and reveal the chimerical landscapes that make us dream of shimmering nights, on the edge of “disquiet”.  Questioning appearances, troubled since we approach the visual aspects, the different territory, cowering ever since the certainties became uncertainties, the veil that covers these women underlines the separation between the visible and invisible, the real and the unreal. Allurement, flight, desire, death, a path like a source of light which bridges two black holes, there are many tropisms that reveal to us these anonymous women.

History of photos….

It only remains for me to thank those who helped me in this project: the sensitivity of my assistants, the kindness of my models hurting their feet, ungraceful falls, groping their way in the dark and balancing as immobile statues, posing – “ hold your breath”  – , the divine star was disappearing behind a giant cumulonimbus, try again next month with the next moon.